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Nokia E63 - Dual Color

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The Nokia E63 is a very capable messaging-orientated, Qwerty keyboard-packing smartphone, geared up to be a useful business tool but also well-equipped for your off-duty social activities.
To help you enjoy using your handset for both work and play, Nokia has enabled a dual home screen function on the E63. This allows users to set up two customised home screens, with shortcuts and favourite applications and email accounts displayed, plus separate themes and wallpapers, customised on each, for office life and personal life.
You can switch between the two easily via a shortcut icon on the home screen, enabllng you to turn on or off from work as you need to, keeping business and social lives separate..
Nokia E63 (Certified Refurbished)

Dual home screens
When you first switch on the Nokia E63, you will see a bar of six icons towards the top of the display (Figure 1). These represent shortcuts to phone applications and functions. The one on the far right, with intertwined black and white arrows is the Switch mode option.

  • To switch between business and personal home screens, scroll to highlight the Switch modeshortcut using the main navigation pad beneath the display, and press the central pad to select. You will see the look of the home screen change, and the shortcut icons will also change (Figure 2).
  • Select the Switch mode icon again and press the navigation pad, and the home screen will switch back to the original.

Nokia E63 (Certified Refurbished)

Changing home screen themes and wallpapers
You can switch Themes for each home screen mode too.

  1. In the Modes menu screen, scroll down to highlight Theme (Figure 22). Press select.
  2. Scroll up or down the list of theme options to choose the one you want to install (Figure 23). Press OK to select it. You will immediately see the screen background on the Modes screen change (Figure 24).
  3. Similarly, you can select the background wallpaper for the home screen. HighlightWallpaper and press select (Figure 25). You can either use the default background associated with your theme, or select an image from your image files (Figure 26). If you select image, scroll to find the image file you require (Figure 27), and press Select to save as your wallpaper.

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